Panagiotis Messinis


Panagiotis Messinis was born in Patra in 1949.  At a very young age he started attending music and painting lessons.
In the period of 1967 – 1970 he created wellknown musical groups, such as The Spiders, Sete Amitsi (Seven Brothers), and the Sunday’s Boys, all of which were successful with the modern Greek music of that time.  For a period of time he became a member of the orchestra of ΥΕΝΕΔ on its outside units.
At the same time, from 1967 to 1971 he attended painting lessons at the workshops of G. Mavroides and Gr. Papatheodoros. Around that same period of time Panagiotis Messinis, along with Gr. Papatheodoros and I. Koutsis, took part in the creation of the carriers for the Patras carnival festival.
From 1971 to 1973 he served in the Air Force with the specialty of musician and artist.  He took care of theatrical and musical events and it was there that he realized his first personal art exhibition.
Ιn 1973 he moved to the United States where he worked as a musician with the known orchestra of Sotos Panagopoulos. At the same time he attended lessons for the restoration and preservation of works of art at the Stiveson School of New York.  There he realized his second personal art exhibition at the Hall of Greek Cultural Events. At that time he was one of four musicians who were invited to the Metropolitan of New York to perform in Greek style music compositions of Theodoraki – Hatzidaki. He travelled to many cities in the United States and Canada where he held art exhibitions. He also decorated hotels and cosmopolitan buildings
with his art. In 1976 he returned to Greece to take over the two family business galleries, the Gallery “Art Salon” in Athens and Gallery “Zygos” in Patra.
In 1977 he opened his first gallery in Iraklion on the island of Crete under the name of “Art Salon.”  He worked with numerous Greek artists as well as with artists from other countries.  At the same time he opened a workshop for art restoration and preservation and he also opened the gallery “Zygos” in Iraklion, Crete. 
In 1990 he had the grand opening of Gallery Desmos.  In 1999 he presented the first complete website for Greek art on the Internet located at
Ever since 1977 when he came to live and work on Crete he has decorated several places and he has painted murals on large surfaces in hotels and other public halls.  They also asked him to do the decoration and composition of the Eleftherios Venizelos Museum at St. George of Lasithi, as well as the picture gallery of the Folklore Museum.
In 2004, he undertook the organizing and taking care of the pictorial activities referring to the Olympics in Iraklion since it was an Olympic city.
From 2004 to 2008 he took over the construction and artistic making and painting of all the carriers for the yearly carnival of the district of Arkalohori.
With his many years of experience and expertise, he restores, appraises and auctions works of art and collectibles of great value from public organizations and well known collectors. He has organized and taken care of exhibitions for many Greek and foreign artists.  He has also taken care of many musical and poetic events, book presentations, art seminars, theatrical performances and album publications for many Greek artists.


1971 – Athens, in 129th Air Force unit
1972 – Patra, Tour Gallery
1974 – Patra, Patra’s Library
1976 – Athens, Art Salon
1981 – Iraklion, Gallery Zygos
1984 – Athens, Gallery Art
1986 – Athens, Gallery Time
1987 – Paris, Immeuble Ventadour
1989 – Iraklion, Art Salon
1994 – Iraklion, Gallery Zygos
1997 – Iraklion, Gallery Desmos
1999 – Iraklion, Gallery Desmos
2000 – Larisa, Gallery 1
2002 – Iraklion, Gallery Desmos
2004 – Iraklion, Gallery Zygos
2006 – Patra, Patra’s Library
2010 – Iraklion, Gallery Café
2012 – Elounda, Porto Elounda

1970 – Athens, Gallery 13
1971 – Patra, Tour Gallery
1973 – Toronto, Greek Hall “Deilina”
1974 – New York, Greek Hall “Spilia”
1975 – Athens, Art Salon
1977 – Patra, Gallery Morphes
1978 – Cyprus, Gallery Cyprus
1980 – Iraklion, Gallery Zygos
1983 – Patra, Gallery Morphes
1986 – Paris, Immeuble Ventadour
1987 – Iraklion, Art Salon
1988-89 – Paris/Brussels/Zurich/
London, Salon International De
1990 – Iraklion, Gallery Desmos
1994 – Paris, Pompidou
1997 – Athens, Gallery Morphes
2000 – Iraklion, Gallery Zygos
2004 – Iraklion, Gallery Desmos
2006 – Larisa, Gallery 1
2009 – Iraklion, Gallery Café

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